SIB3: Cell-reselection parameters for INTRA-Frequency, INTER-Frequency and Inter-RAT
  • contains Cell re-selection information common for intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-RAT cell re-selection (i.e. applicable for more than one type of cell re-selection but not necessarily all)
  • intra-frequency cell re-selection information other than neighbouring cell related
Signalling radio bearer: N/A
Logical channel: BCCH
Direction: E‑UTRAN to UE

Important contents of SystemInformationBlockType3
cellReselectionInfoCommon   q_Hyst
cellReselectionServingFreqInfo   s_NonIntraSearch
intraFreqCellReselectionInfo   q_RxLevMin
Field Descriptions:
cellReselectionInfoCommonCell re-selection information common for cells
    q_HystThis specifies the hysteresis value for cell re-selection ranking criteria. The specified value is added to the serving cell RSRP measurement.
    speedStateReselectionParsSpeed dependent reselection parameters. If this field is absent then mobility State Parameters is not present. If q_hystSF is present then it is added to q_hyst. Carrier (-) value so as to reduce the ranking of the serving cell and allows cellreselection to occur easily. 
cellReselectionServingFreqInfoInformation for Cell re-selection to inter-frequency and inter-RAT cells
    s_NonIntraSearch#used to trigger Interfrequency and IRATfrequency measurements for cell reselection when:
- TARGET Interfreq. has lower or equal priority
- IRAT freq. has a lower priority
# specifies the Srxlev threshold (in dB) for E-UTRAN inter-frequency and inter-RAT measurements.
#If the field s-NonIntraSearchP is present, the UE applies the value of s-NonIntraSearchP.
# Otherwise if neither s-NonIntraSearch nor s-NonIntraSearchP is present, the UE applies the (default) value of infinity for SnonIntraSearchP.
    threshServingLowThis specifies the Srxlev threshold (in dB) below which the serving cell must fall before reselecting towards a lower priority RAT/ frequency. Value in between 0-31dB. Actual value=signalled value*2
    cellReselectionPriorityexplains the absolute priority of the concerned serving cell frequency /set of frequencies (GERAN)/ bandclass (CDMA2000), as used by the cell reselection procedure. Corresponds with parameter "priority". Value is between 0-7 where 0 means: lowest priority. 
intraFreqCellReselectionInfoCell re-selection information common for intra-frequency cells
    q_RxLevMinMinimum required RSRP for cell reselection. value -70 - 22 dbm, Actual value=signalled value*2
    s_IntraSearch# used to trigger intrafreq. measurements
# specifies the Srxlev threshold (in dB) for intra-frequency measurements.
# If the field s-IntraSearchP is present, the UE applies the value of s-IntraSearchP instead. Otherwise if neither 09s-IntraSearch nor s-IntraSearchP is present, the UE applies the (default) value of infinity for SIntraSearchP.
    presenceAntennaPort1is used to09 indicate whether all the neighbouring cells use 09Antenna Port 1.  When set to TRUE, the UE may assume that at least two cell-specific antenna ports are used in all neighbouring cells.
neighCellConfigused to provide the information related to MBSFN and TDD UL/DL configuration of neighbour cells.
t_ReselectionEUTRA# specifies the cell reselection timer value
# defines time to trigger for cell reselection
# The parameter can be set per E-UTRAN frequency 
p_Max# max. allowed UL transmit power for intra-frequency neighbouring E-UTRA cells. If absent the UE applies the maximum power according to the UE capability

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