SIB12 in LTE

SIB12: CMAS notification

  • contains a CMAS notification
  • CMAS notifications carry high emerygency situations and is defined for three catagories:
  -Presiential Alerts (President of a geographical location can send alerts)
  -Threat Alerts (Tornado/Hurricane alerts)
  -AMBER Alerts (Child abduction, endangered situation)
  • introduced in Release9
Signalling radio bearer: N/A
RLC-Mode: TM
Logical channel: BCCH
Direction: E‑UTRAN to UE

Important contents of SystemInformationBlockType12

Field Descriptions:
messageIdentifierIdentifies the source and type of CMAS notification
serialNumberIdentifies variations of a CMAS notification
warningMessageSegmentTypeIndicates whether the included CMAS warning message segment is the last segment or not
warningMessageSegmentNumberSegment number of the CMAS warning message segment contained in the SIB. A segment number of zero corresponds to the first segment, one corresponds to the second segment, and so on
warningMessageSegmentCarries a segment of the Warning Message
dataCodingSchemeIdentifies the alphabet/coding and the language applied variations of a CMAS notification

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