RRC connection Re-configuration Failure

Triggering points of Re-configuration Failure

The UE receiving RRC Connection Reconfiguration message -with any related action, for e.x. mobility, measurements, physical config, radio config etc.-  will validate a set of necessary conditions. If these conditions are not met then UE will trigger Re-establishment Procedure. There are couple of scenarios where the UE can behave in a different way and are stated below:

  • if the UE is unable to comply with (part of) the configuration included in the RRCConnectionReconfiguration message then roll back to the previous configurations
  • if security has not been activated and UE receives RRCConnectionReconfiguration message then proceed to release the RRC Connection with release cause 'other'

or else:
  • initiate the connection Re-establishment procedure, upon which the connection reconfiguration procedure ends (click here to know about the RRC CONNECTION RE-ESTABLISHMENT procedure in detail)

Important Points:
  • If the UE is unable to comply with part of the configuration, it does not apply any part of the configuration, i.e. there is no partial success/ failure

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