Mobility from E-UTRA failure

Triggering points of Mobility from EUTRA failure:

  • When the UE receives MobilityFromEUTRAcommand message, it starts a timer 304. With this duration of the timer if the procedure is not completed then Mobility from E-UTRA procedure is considered to be failed
  • if the UE does not succeed in establishing the connection to the target RAT as mentioned in the MobilityFromEUTRAcommand message then  Mobility from E-UTRA procedure is considered to be failed
  • if the UE is unable to comply with (part of) the configuration included in the MobilityFromEUTRACommand message  then MobilityFromEUTRACommand  procedure is considered to be failed
  • if there is a protocol error in the inter RAT information included in the MobilityFromEUTRACommand message, causing the UE to fail the procedure according to the specifications applicable for the target RAT then MobilityFromEUTRACommand procedure is considered to be failed
All together, Mobility from EUTRA failure is the residual effect of the failure condition of  MobilityFromEUTRAcommand message. (To know more about MobilityFromEUTRAcommand click here).

Actions when Mobility from EUTRA failure occurs:

  • UE will stop T304, if running
  • if the cs-FallbackIndicator in the MobilityFromEUTRACommand message was set to 'TRUE' then  indicate to UE upper layers that the CS Fallback procedure has failed
  • UE will re-configure itself with that of the prior configuration as used in the source cell, excluding the configuration configured by the physicalConfigDedicated, mac-MainConfig and sps-Config
  • UE will initiate the connection re-establishment procedure (click here to know about the RRC CONNECTION RE-ESTABLISHMENT procedure in detail)

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